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ShopDrawings with Tekla And Project/Jobs With Tekla

ShopDrawings with Tekla And Project/Jobs With Tekla


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Initial review of the maps of the consultant (employer): Pars Nour gooneh  Type Team: After receiving the plans for the second phase of the design team, the compliance of the architectural and structural maps is the first step to carefully examine the plans of the consultant and the employer, in these expert reviews We measure and collate sections and layers of beams and columns, as well as braces and other structural elements with architectural drawings, because if these two maps do not conform to each other, there are work defects and direction Eliminate the necessary action%

Until this part of our service is free.



To receive price lists and how to pricing workshop services with Tekla , various metal sketch projects, industrial projects, oil and gas and petrochemicals and steel plant, cement factory, etc. Please call 09190515987 and get the price list%

Modeling: At this stage of work, which we consider to be elemental modeling, all elements are executed and modeled according to the consultant’s (employer) drawings in the software. Here, we divide the structure into several sections Which can be manufactured, shipped and installed (3 working days for a metal structure less than 350 tons)

By doing this step, the employer or the contractor can, according to the list and report of the output of the software and materials of the list, make the purchase of the materials and metals necessary to start the project, it is necessary to recall that at this stage of the work whose accuracy 95% is the approximate weight of the project can be extracted, we recommend at this stage, according to the method of construction of the metal structure, to purchase a quantity of excessive excess on the order list%

GA Drawing: At this point in our team, we are preparing GA Drawing for Drawings Drawings with Drawings, due to the implementation of the necessary steps to start the Drawings Drawing Machine for the metal skeleton, in This is our step-by-step process to ensure that our workflow is approved by the employer. At this stage, the naming, layout of the beams and columns, and everything that has to be modeled, will be addressed to the employer and If we made a mistake in our modeling work, we will surely be looking into this section.

Preparing Assembly Drawing : In this part of the process of “Drawings Drawings Sketch Workshop with Tecla”, we are preparing a Drawings Assembly of columns, beams, windbreaks and …. We provide all the necessary information for installation at this stage to the respectable employers.

After this step, we will give the Single Drawing and Original Tile files to them%

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